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♥ Found Fabrics ♥ 

We have a stash of natural fibre deadstock, vintage, and thrifted/upcycled woven fabrics (usually cotton, sometimes wool blend) that can work for certain designs. Current options can be viewed on Instagram.


♥ Wash Instructions ♥

DO  use a very mild detergent or delicate wool wash. We like Eucalan and Soak.

DON'T  use regular detergent or softeners - they're cruel to fabric, and your clothes will wear out faster.


DO  use the delicate cycle. Flip inside out and use cold water.

DON'T  wash too often. Save the oceans, save your clothes!

(Spot washing, a light steam from the shower, and a 24 hour rest period between wearings will refresh the fibres more gently than laundering. Treat your clothes to a spa day instead of a laundry day!)


DO  spritz stains with Shout, let sit overnight, then wash.

DON'T  use bleach.


DO  hang to dry whenever possible. Finger press cuffs and ties while wet and smooth out pockets - it saves ironing later.

DON'T  line dry in the bright sun (unless you like that faded look).


DO  lay wet garments over a drying rack, shower rail, or banister to dry. Distribute the weight evenly to reduce distortion. 

DON'T  use hangers to dry your clothes.

(Even when dry, jersey garments should never be stored on hangers)


DO  dry on low or medium heat occasionally to relax creases and retain shape. Remove while still damp.

DON'T  use dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls work great, and you can juggle them.


DO  use the correct temperature and steam option on your iron. If you want to press your wovens: Lyocell = the rayon setting; Hemp = the linen setting.

DON'T  fuss too much about wrinkles - natural fibres have a distinctive look that's fun to rock!

(For jersey garments, wrinkles from packing or folding will fall out naturally while wearing.  For faster results, lightly steam the garment, without touching the fabric directly)