Binder Pattern Download

Binder Pattern Download

Published by Emily on 26th Sep 2023

Two years, several versions, and thousands of downloads ago I listed this pattern for a binder on our website. For the past year it has only been available as a free product that people must check out with because 1) I updated the pattern and lost easy access to my server, which is probably for the best and 2) I kind of wanted to know how many people were downloading the pattern and where in the world they were located. This turned out well because I had no idea so many international folks would be using the pattern, and I've since released it in A4. 

It's clear that some people are reluctant to give their address or even email when downloading the pattern. For this reason I am going to set up the downloads on this page and make the offerings as clear as possible. 

There has been a bit of confusion about sizing. The sizes are the file names on the individual pattern, in inches on the US letter patterns, centimetres on the A4 patterns. You will have to start with the the size that is closest to the measurement of your unbound chest. Because preferences and fabric stretch are not predictable, I would plan to make more than one binder, adjusting up or down depending on how the first one fits. There is no size chart with corresponding measurements - the measurements are the sizes.

This garment will be most efficient in paper and in fabric if you print out your closest size. The patterns are laid out on the least number of sheets of paper possible for that size, and only one size per file for clarity. I prefer to not cut on the fold - it saves paper but introduces error - so each pattern is its full size. This should help save fabric because you can lay each piece out on the fabric you have available.

Pattern Downloads

Instructions are still located:

US Letter

Individual patterns by chest measurement: 32" 35" 38" 41" 44" 48" 51" 54" 57" 60"

All individual patterns bundled into a zip file: US Bundle

All patterns stacked on one sheet (Largest and least clear, but requested): US Stack


Individual patterns by chest measurement: 81cm 89cm 95cm 104cm 112cm 122cm 130cm 137cm 145cm 152cm

All individual patterns bundled into a zip file: A4 Bundle

All patterns stacked on one sheet (Largest and least clear, but requested): A4 Stack

Last of all, I would love to spend more time on this project, and definitely will. I would love it if those who are able would consider buying me a coffee, and therefore making it easier for me to justify spending time on this project. My next plan is to create an included instruction file. 

xoxo -Emily