Got Sleeves?

Got Sleeves?

Published by Amanda on 15th Feb 2021

"Made to measure" means we cut your sleeves at the length you request. If you don't specify, then we'll usually make them standard length, in the style shown in the product listing. E and I both have long arms, so our full length sleeves are more generous in length than most off-the-rack. 

Of course, if we know you're petite in height, then we'll shorten them accordingly.

"Made to order" means you almost always have the option of requesting a different sleeve than the one shown. Change the length, or change the style! Anything goes, really.

So... Cuffs or a plain hem? Colour blocking? Volume? Fullness at the top or the bottom? Ruching? Gathering? Pleats? Ruffles? 

We got you ❤️