Recycled Wool Fleece

Recycled Wool Fleece

Published by Amanda on 10th Oct 2021

I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: there's already enough fabric in the world. There's no real need to manufacture more. If clothing makers want to be truly sustainable in our craft, we shouldn't be sourcing new fabric at all.

Clearly, we're not quite there (yet). In the meantime, a good compromise is to use fabric that's made from recycled fibres. Lucky for us, our supplier is on board.

This new fabric is a blend of polyester, cotton, and wool, all from post-consumer reclaimed fibres (AKA chopped-up used clothing). Shown here in a Zip Jacket, customized as a hooded vest.

It's thick and tightly-knit, so the wind doesn't penetrate. The outside is smooth, while the inside is a super soft brushed fleece. It washes up beautifully, with no fuss.

I don't personally like to wear polyester against my skin, so I prefer to wear this fabric as an overlay only. Some of you may not be so particular! You can give it a try in a casual pant (or skirt). It's definitely warm enough for outerwear, or a very cozy robe. And it's chic enough for the office, so if you find yourself getting chilly at work, it would make a lovely cardigan or blazer.

Of course, we were inspired to make a new hoodie. Is it a dress? a robe? a coat? Yup. We're looking forward to a very cozy winter ;)