Romper Mania

Romper Mania

Published by Amanda on 5th Apr 2021

It could be argued that 2020 was the Year of the Romper. Clothing brands large and small put out a jumper/romper/playsuit of some sort.

But not us. We just weren't ready to commit. As a compromise, we focussed on overalls.

When we design a garment, we want to be sure we can make it for anyone, no matter their measurements or overall shape. "Made to measure" means including every body - people who are tall or short, busty or pear-shaped, folks with a 32" lower hip or a 74" lower hip. There's no size chart here, so there's no size limit.

Some people want their clothes to fit snugly, and some want lots of wiggle room. Either way, the garment needs to go on and come off easily. We want it to fit well on the first try, because even though we happily alter the clothes we make if needed, it's not exactly a quick process via parcel post. That's a lot of pressure with something as complex as a pair of overalls (nevermind a romper).

When we cut for you, we rely a great deal on both simple math and years of fit experience. Anytime an order doesn't quite turn out right, we learn so much - not just about one specific garment or one specific customer, but about everyone else with similar measurements or proportions or fit preferences. After more than 10 years of feedback, positive and negative, we have a pretty great toolkit when it comes to fit strategies.

So, overalls. The design features that a few of you felt were less than ideal (the shoulder ties, the relaxed fit, the low-slung sides) were chosen specifically to allow for a consistent (and slightly adjustable) fit on as many different bodies as possible. It worked out wonderfully well overall (*snort*), which gave us the confidence to proceed with...


Just like with the overalls, we're offering both a knit (stretchy) version and a woven (not stretchy) version. Wear them on their own or with a shirt layered under. They're also on the roomy side, with a slightly dropped crotch to allow for a flexible fit and ease of movement. Both versions come with a removable tie to give you the option of cinching in at the waist. And yes, you can request sleeves if you want the full "flight suit" look.

I'm claiming the Zip Romper sample for myself and wearing it to work tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Those pockets!! *swoon*