Published by Amanda on 19th Jul 2021

Ah, the elusive A-Line Skirt. Lots of people want them. Supposedly, they don't "add volume at the hip" the way a fuller skirt can. And they don't "show too much" the way a pencil skirt can. They are quiet skirts. Non-committal. Unobtrusive. PRACTICAL. Probably.

When it comes to any skirt design, we have some goals. First up, let's talk pockets. Pockets that are big enough and well-supported enough to hold the weight of a modern phone are going to add volume. That's just physics. So if you want a very smooth, single layer of fabric at your belly/hip/thigh? Forget pockets. 

The next consideration is modesty. Is your skirt going to easily blow up in the wind? Is it going to cling between your legs when you walk? If it's narrow enough to avoid those things, can you actually move in it? Can you sit, climb stairs, or tie your shoes when you wear it?

And then there's fit flexibility. When your skirt is too big, it falls down (especially if you carry a phone in your pocket). When your skirt is too small, it rides up (there's no crotch seam to hold it down). Neither are fun feelings. A skirt needs a waistband that's secure and comfortable, regardless of what your waistline is doing that particular day.

So, hey! Here are some of our current skirt options that are (vaguely) a-line: 

1. A shortened version of the Big Skirt. It can be done in most of our fabrics, knit or woven. It's very full, but the tidy pleats make it secretly so. Done in a fabric like this tie dye rayon (most similar to our lyocell twill), it falls very straight from the hip. You can fill the pockets with donuts and no one will be able to tell. It has our flat-front/wide-elastic-back waistband or a folded jersey waistband, depending on the fabric you choose.

2. A shortened version of the Hanami Skirt, done in Pebble lyocell twill. With those big patch pockets, it has the look and feel of a stylish cargo skirt. It's a true wrap with an adjustable tie waist. Always done in a woven fabric, it has the most obvious a-line shape, flaring out from the hip to allow for ease of movement.

3. The Beachcomber Skirt. This one has either the flat-front/wide-elastic-back waistband or a folded jersey waistband, depending on the fabric you choose. Done in a knit fabric, like this Ash hemp jersey, it drapes close to the body. The silhouette ends up being similar to the Big Skirt, but without the secret fullness. Whatever you carry in your pockets will be obvious to everyone, so you'll probably have to share your donuts.

4. The Shushu Skirt. A very simple gathered skirt that's best suited to lightweight cottons, like this indigo-dye block print. It has a one-inch soft elastic waistband, cut just a titch smaller than your upper hip measure. Because cotton (also hemp or linen) doesn't drape like jersey or lyocell twill, it does add a little volume at the hip. However, the extra bit of fullness disguises the pockets (and their contents) nicely.

Whichever style you choose, remember - fabric type and desired length can really change the look of a skirt. The drape of the fabric affects silhouette, while length affects proportion. If you have specific preferences or goals in mind, please feel free to reach out - we're always happy to chat options.

Oh, and don't forget your slip shorts ;)