Published by Amanda on 11th Dec 2020

With the cooler weather to inspire us, we've been focussing on #UreshiiOuterwear this past month. Our goal is to offer versatile coat designs that can be done in different weights and warmth levels - lightweight for the shoulder seasons and medium weight for winter. We are loving the results so far!

Top Coat in a deadstock cotton print, lined with linen.

Chore Coat in hemp canvas with a quilted cotton print lining.

Check out the sewing process for the Chore Coat in our Instagram story

For a warmer option, we've started stocking some luxurious felted wool blends. This cozy, blanket-like fabric works exclusively for our outerwear designs...

Long Vest in the double-sided felted wool plaid. 

..and you can see how it gives the garment a totally different look and feel than when it's done in simple black linen:

We also have a small stash of boiled wool. This isn't as thick as the felted wool, but it's much drapier. It works especially well for the Cocoon Jacket:

So which fabric will you choose? Silky lyocell twill? The signature rumple of linen? Rugged hemp denim? Whichever way you go, all of our outerwear is roomy enough to layer over your favourite sweater, so you'll get a long-lasting, beautiful piece that spans seasons.

xoxo Amanda