Waistband Update

Waistband Update

Published by Emily on 16th Jul 2021

Ureshii pant and skirt waistband strategy had been pretty consistent since 2007, but over the last two years we’ve been switching things up. We’ve tried a few things along the way, and we finally feel like we have a waistband policy in place. We thought it might be worth documenting.

At first, we only offered clothing in lightweight stretchy fabrics that contained spandex. The pants were snug from the waist through the upper thigh, and they didn’t have pockets. We hated elastic with a passion and stuck to our plan---wide, folded, stretchy waistbands that don't dig in. This strategy relies on a delicate balance of compression and gets complicated at the larger and smaller ends of the size spectrum.


Our leggings are not changing. They have a folded stretchy waistband in their self fabric. Leggings are listed only in fabrics that have a spandex content to keep things simple. If you are looking for leggings in Pure Merino, Sweater Merino, or French Terry (which has spandex, but which relaxes more with wearing), message us and we will discuss waistband options with you before making them up.

Midi Skirt and Pencil Skirt

Various knit skirts (Pencil, Ruched, Column, Midi, and Betsy):

At the moment, these skirts are only offered in spandex-containing fabrics with the original-style waistbands. These skirts are super comfy, and if we have any doubts about stay-up-ability, we size down the waistband. This is really our most comfortable, barely-there waistband option, perfect for sensitive tummies and very size flexible.

If you are interested in another fabric option or have waistband woes with these skirts, please message us. We’d love to hear from you.

Over time, we started adding pockets to things - which equalled pockets containing phones, which equalled pants becoming less inclined to stay up, oh, and also phones are getting bigger. We started searching for new options. Our most tummy-friendly new option is how we're treating all of our Everyday Jersey, French Terry, and Stretch Merino bottoms from here on out.

Serious Pant

For instance, the Brooke, Beachcomber, and Serious Pants, and Beachcomber Skirt in any of these fabrics has this new waistband.

In a bid to avoid actual elastic, these garments now have a stretchy mesh underlay added to their folded stretchy waistbands. This feels almost as soft as our original waistbands but is more stable over multiple wearings. There is no elastic to dig in anywhere and pants never fall down, no matter how big your phone is.

But, things have continued to change. We have been bringing in fabrics that don’t have a spandex content and making designs available in as many fabrics as possible. This meant giving in and working with elastic.

So, these same stretchy pants, if ordered in Hemp Jersey, Pure Merino, or Sweater Merino, will have our newest waistband option. It's a linen-underlined, flat-front waistband with a fully-covered, two-inch-wide elastic back. 

Beachcomber Skirt and Walking Short

This flat front does not cut in at the tummy, and the wide elastic at the back keeps the fit flexible. This waistband is very secure-feeling, comfortable, and size-variable. It is very well-behaved in tucking and layering situations. 

This is also the waistband we use on most of our woven pants, skirts, and shorts. For instance, the SanpoBuilder, and Mayfair Pants, Big Skirt, and Skedaddle Short all have the flat-front/wide-elastic-back waistband.

The Leisure Pant 

(actually, this isn't that, but it is an example of the waistband we have been putting on the Leisure pant)

The Leisure Pant and Crop Jogger are outliers. We haven't entirely cemented our theory on these pants, so if you have feelings, please share. In Everyday Jersey, Stretch Merino, and French Terry, these pants have the stretchy mesh-underlined waistband. 

In Hemp Jersey, Pure Merino, and Sweater Merino, these pants have a folded waistband with a narrow elastic stitched in at the top underside. Our thinking with these pants has been to offer the lightest weight and softest stability, rather than the firm hug of the flat-front/wide-elastic-back option.

The Lounge Pant and Shushu Skirt

The Lounge Pant and Shushu Skirt are also outliers. They have a fully-covered one-inch-wide elastic around the full top of the garment. This is a barely there, lightweight and comfortable option, as the elastic is cut only slightly smaller than your waist. This waistband spreads the fullness required to put pants on evenly throughout the waistband. It's a low profile, easy fit option. 

I hope this all makes some sense! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or comments. Our goal is always to provide you with the most comfortable, long-lasting, well-fitting garment. If one of our waistbands isn't working for you, please let us know!