Inspiration: Claudette Colbert

Inspiration: Claudette Colbert

Published by Amanda on 4th Nov 2015

A dear customer posted an image to our Facebook page recently. Would it be possible to make her one?

Claudette Colbert, filming The Palm Beach Story, 1942

It’s a stunning and improbable dress. A dress like this demands a full corset and associated underpinnings, a team of hair and make-up experts, studio lighting, and professional-level poise…

..doesn’t it?

And purely from a design standpoint – that’s some very complex detailing. So: challenging to pattern draft, tricky to sew, and intimidating to model.

Emily’s response?

Yes. We can make you that dress ;)

We still think it’s an improbable dress, by the way. But we learned a few things along the way and had lots of fun doing it. Expect to see a design element (that hood!) or two show up in future garments :D

The Claudette is currently listed here. If the official listing disappears, you can request a custom listing via email.

xoxo Amanda